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The Break

A Memoir

The Break is Steve Lansky’s harrowing and comic account of his descent into madness after he changed the medication he took to keep his schizophrenia in check. Written with a poet’s eye for detail and with great sensitivity and insight, it follows his quixotic quest to find love and literary success while trying to navigate a world that was not designed for people like him.

Life is a Fountain

Fiction and Sketches

A collection of vignettes and illustrations form a narrative about immigration, love, whimsy, and jazz. Set in Lisbon, Portugal, Clifton, Limoges, Querétaro, Mexico, Firenze, Italy, and Habana, Viejo a set of characters engage in eating, playing, listening, and flowing like water’s fertile essence.

A Black Bird Fell Out of the Sky


An experimental novella with two narrators, at times simultaneously presented in two columns on the page. One narrator is in 2004, making a journey to Kenya for a gambling junket, while the other, an out-of-work movie actor, is in 1954, also making a journey to Kenya to take photos on a safari with a prototype Single Lens Reflex camera. The photographer becomes involved with a Maasai prostitute and discovers a scandal involving Kikuyu game wardens. The gambler presents his novel on the Oprah television show, where a rival, who has written a factual account of the safari scandal for The New Yorker, upstages him. The gambler and the photographer personas dissolve, as the character publishes nude photos of the prostitute in Playboy and the prostitute transforms into a model.

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Jack Acid

An Audio Novel—32 chapters as aired on public radio in 1997

A post-modern Jacktale complete with bicycles, trains, marijuana protests, the end of a rainbow, and a lotus tree.

This is a first novel written as an experiment, and as in Tristram Shandy, the experiment is a topic for the writer’s dialogue with the listener. Lansky’s poetic voice carries the anguish of the young novelist whose ambition is to an enigmatic skill, and whose talent with the language is undeniable.

There were contradictions. Jack is an everyman of the 70s in America. The jacktale about LSD, the jacktale (a traditional everyman sort of story, probably can be traced to Appalachia) about a jack-ass, and trickster of sorts. The puns are all intended and extended. Jack’s roots trace to Cincinnati, an industrial and intellectual high ground on the edge of a river just outside of Appalachia and Midwestern by most standards. It’s just a notch too big and independent to be a suburb of Chicago, but certain specialists just cannot be found in Cincinnati.

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Six and one half hours long, read by the author in 1997.